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Lumiere Residences is a residential beauty that strives its best to deliver the best that one can desire or require. With comfortable units, it also clubs up various convenient features and amenities to ensure that a not just a comfortable but a lavish life can be led by the residents of Lumiere Residences. 

Lumiere Residences offers a wide range of indoor as well as outdoor amenities such that the residents can lead a comforting lifestyle. In the list of outdoor amenities, cabanas or gazebos occupy an essential mention. These creations offer a beautiful look at the property while offering a convenient usage. A large-sized lap pool is accommodated within Lumiere Residences such that the residents can relax at whatever time they desire to. To maintain the privacy of the residents Lumiere Residences has incorporated another smaller sized pool for the kids. Post swimming sessions can be followed by a relaxing shower in the shower area such that the swim sessions are trouble free and eased to the core.

A children's playing ground as well as a huge basketball court make essential amenities of Lumiere Residences as offerings like these not just enhance the active lifestyle of the kids but also keep them away from drowning in electrical gadgets like cell phones and tablets while helping them some new sporting activities. 

Viewing decks, as well as a roof deck, offer a resort-like feel which will make you love your residence even more. You can anytime call your friends and chill at these offerings of Lumiere Residences.

There are a number of indoor amenities as well as offerings that Lumiere Residences brings to you. There is provision for a beautifully designed open lounge where you can have your guests waiting. There is a daycare center or a recreational room for the kids such that they can have engaging times all throughout the day. 

A function hall is accommodated in Lumiere Residences such that the residents can host parties, events, and functions right at their residence. This saves them from long duration traveling time while hunting for function halls.

For the kids of the property, Lumiere Residences offers a study room which offers a peaceful environment for the studying sessions of the little ones. There is also an entertainment room incorporated within the property that can be used by the residents in their leisure time.

A fitness gym is also an essential part of Lumiere Residences as the residents can have their regular gymming sessions right under their residing roof. This gymnasium is well equipped with instruments and machines of top-quality. This leads to saving a lot of traveling time of the residents especially during the morning hours when everyone is in a rush.

Lumiere Residences is a highly secured property as it offers concrete fencing in the surroundings as well as has guards posted at the entrance and exit points. The trained security professionals well protect and guard the property imparting a tight security in all possible ways. The property also features CCTV cameras fittings which further enhances the security.

DMCI Lumiere Residences Outdoor Amenities

  • Pool Deck
  • Gazebo / Cabana
  • Children's Playground
  • Basketball Court / Playcourt
  • View Deck
  • Palm Promenade
  • Sky Park / Roof Deck
  • Shower Area
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Lap Pool

DMCI Lumiere Residences Indoor Amenities

  • Open Lounge
  • Children's Recreation Space / Daycare
  • Function Hall
  • Study Room
  • Sky Lounge
  • Game Area
  • Entertainment Room
  • Fitness Gym
  • Landscaped Atriums
  • Lumiventt Technology
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